How to get Phantom 3 Standard for just over £300

If you are looking to buy a new Phantom 3 Standard you probably wouldn’t find it for anything cheaper than £450 – 500. Yes, there is always eBay, but then you are buying a used and most probably abused product without any warranty.

I got mine from for £328. OK it’s not technically brand new but refurbished. What it means is that it might have been returned, the box has already been opened, hence the price reduction. First of all it’s a reputable company, they give you a warranty and their customer support is brilliant.

For example my box came without a charger. I gave them a call and they sent me one the very same day, no questions asked. I could have claimed the £124 battery is missing and I guess they would have sent me one (I don’t suggest you do that, karma will get you!).

Apart from that minor issue, the drone came in the original box with all the standard accessories (propellers, stickers etc) and it looked absolutely brand new.

I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, just telling you how I got my drone.

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