Landing gear extensions

Got another accessory for my drone: landing gear extensions. They are made from black plastic and make it less likely that the drone would tip over during rough landings by widening its stance. The plastic is a little bit flexible so the whole mechanism when installed offers a bit of dampening. Another advantage is that it raises the gimbal away from the ground, allowing for landings on rocks, sand and other uneven surfaces.

The installation is dead easy. The skids just snap on and snap off when needed. Hopefully, they don’t unexpectedly snap off, but if that happens I have propeller guards that the drone should lean on and stop the propellers from touching the ground.

Landing skids
Landing skids

Once installed, I discovered that the extensions snap off if the drone is dropped from a height of approximately 3-4 inches, as shown in the video below. This can be easily fixed with undoable cable tighteners, by tightening the extensions to the main landing gear.

Because of this issue, I can only give this product a rating of 3/5. I still think they are worth having on the drone though.

Again I have no association with the makers of the product and have nothing to gain by advertising it.

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