Phone mount

Another accessory that came through the post is the new phone mount.

As you well know the one that comes with the drone is simply terrible. It shakes, wobbles and doesn’t hold your phone firmly enough, you can’t even sneeze without the phone flying away.

Another issue I have is the positioning of the clip. Why is it on the side? It’s like Tesla Model 3 with the speedo on the centre console.

The one I bought attaches (as the majority of third-party ones I’ve seen) to the centre of the remote control – to the tip that is used for the neck strap. The attachment mechanism is made of metal and is easy to install, especially as it comes with all the screws and tools.

The actual phone holder is made of plastic even though it’s made to look like aluminium. I honestly thought that the whole thing would be made out of metal.

In all other ways, it seems perfect. To test how well the phone is attached to the mount I performed a very scientific test: attached the phone to the remote control using the new mount and threw the controller to my sofa from around 3 metres away. It survived the impact and the phone stayed in the original position.

I give it a score of 4/5 (would have given it a solid 5, if the whole mount was metal), it’s an almost perfect mount, but it would have been better if they made the whole thing from metal without any plastic parts for the sake of durability.


Looking at the original amazon link I have realised that I have installed the whole thing upside down, duh. Maybe my way is better, but I have to try the recommended way to find out.

I have since re-attached the “mechanism” the right way, as can be seen on the picture below (took me 3 minutes) .

The way I have done it before would have not allowed for the neck strap to be hooked up. You can see the two holes are now not obstructed by the mount. You can even have two neck straps attached, maybe I should add half a point for that clever design?

And yes there is a manual, but what man reads those? 🙂

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