Functions of Phantom 3 Standard Controller

Return to Home

If you are finished flying and want the drone to land itself from where it took off, you need to activate the return to home function (RTH).

To activate the RTH, quickly toggle the S2 switch back and forth. The controller would then start beeping and the return to home procedure will be initiated.

To cancel RTH toggle the S1 switch back and forth and move the S2 switch to the uppermost position. The controller should then stop beeping and the drone will simply hover until you take over.

Positioning Mode (P-Mode)

P-Mode is the standard flight mode for the majority of pilots. In this mode the drone locks on to GPS. This results in precise hovering, even if you stop controlling it with the remote controller.

P-Mode requires a strong GPS signal to function and will disconnect if lost.

To activate, move the S1 switch to the uppermost position.

Altitude Hold Mode (A-Mode)

ATTI-Mode will only maintain the altitude of the drone and does not use GPS. The drone will therefore drift and move in any wind and needs to be manually controlled. Some pilots prefer this mode as it gives them near-complete control of their aircraft without interference.

As well as a mode you can select, your aircraft will also enter ATTI-Mode if you lose GPS signal or if there’s compass interference. All pilots should learn to fly in ATTI-Mode as it’s likely to happen at some point during a flight. Try it out in a large open space with no obstacles and get used to operating your aircraft in this mode.

To activate, move the S1 switch to the middle position.

Function Mode (F-Mode)

When activated, allows execution of some more advanced functions in DJI GO and in Litchi apps.

To activate, move the S1 switch to the lowermost position.

Drone Calibration

From time to time, some even recommend doing before it each flight, you need to calibrate the drone.

To initiate the process from the controller flick the S1 switch back and forth 5 times.

Then do the calibration ritual dance.

Reset Pairing

If you need to pair your controller with the drone, say you bought a replacement one or you somehow managed to unlink them, you then need to do the following:

  • Switch both the drone and the controller on
  • Turn the gimbal dial to the far left (anticlockwise)
  • Toggle the S2 switch back and forth quickly at least three times. You should then hear a beeping sound.
  • Press and hold the link button on the drone for 2 seconds using a pen or something else.

The beeping should stop, the controller and the drone are now linked.

Reset Wi-Fi to Default Settings

If you previously changed the Wi-Fi password and/or the SSID and now need to reset it to the factory default, do the following:

  • Switch on the controller
  • Turn gimbal dial to far right (clockwise)
  • Toggle the S2 switch back and forth for at least three times. The controller’s status LED will repeatedly blink green and red.

The SSID and the password have now been reset to their default values. The default password is 12341234

Adjust the Length of Controller Sticks

The sticks on the controller can be adjusted. This is particularly useful if you want more accuracy, in which case you would want to increase their length.

To achieve that hold and twist the controller sticks clockwise or counterclockwise.

Personally, I like to keep the left joystick quite long (throttle and yaw), this helps me rotate my drone more smoothly. (I use the default mode 2).

To be able to control the drone with even more precision you can go for a mod that uses rubber bands to make the input stiffer.

Controller Modes

The controller modes can be changed using DJI GO app. The default mode is 2.

Starting Motors

To start the motors using the controller pull both joysticks inwards towards the hook for the neck strap. Another alternative method is to pull them down outwards.

Warning: the same action, while airborne, will shut all the motors and the drone will literally drop from the sky.

However pulling the throttle down for 3 seconds will only shut the motors off if the drone is on the ground.

May the force be with you!

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