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Cool Making antenna – update

So today I tried the new antenna, gosh it is so convenient to use, very small footprint and very light.


Now to the important things. I managed slightly over 3km (remember we have CE over here in the UK) which is my all-time record!

Flight Overview

I could have gone farther but as I predicted the battery let me down. Actually, the winds were also very strong.


I was below the return to home mark few times during the flight, making the flight ever so interesting.

So the final judgement on the antenna: 4/5

Here is the link I bought it from:

Hope it helps!


Don’t buy these Chinese patch antennas!

My constant pursuit of finding the best antenna for the drone got me to buy a bunch of these antennas. Initially I did not understand why the drone would lose its signal even before 300 metres.

Well I have decided to disassemble the antenna and the reason why is staring you in the face. Its made from tin foil and a bunch of wires

Bear in mind that I paid around £15 for each. If I remember correctly the antenna is rated as 8 dbi for 2.4ghz and 11 for 5.4ghz.

Stay clear of this junk

“Cool Making” Helical Antenna – 16 Dbi – Updated!

Today I have received an antenna under the brand name – “Cool Making”. I have purchased it from eBay a few weeks ago for £38, which is nothing compared to Fpvlr which sell a comparative antenna for £117 with lower Dbi rating (which in reality means nothing) .

On eBay, they sell several variants of the antenna in either black or white and for DJI Mavic, Phantom 3 Adv/Pro, Inspire 1 and for Phantom 4 Pro.

The build quality looks quite good and according to my measurements, it should fit perfectly to my modified GL300A controller.

They promise the range of over 7km range unboosted. My previous best distance was 2.6 km using Alpha directional antennas (could have gone more but I chickened out having never flown that far. PS: I’m flying in the UK so the CE limitations apply in my case


I will wake up very early tomorrow to perform the same test I did for alpha patch antennas. I will fly the same route and altitude as I did before. If I get close to 4km I will be very happy and I will stop searching for new antennas. I never fly that far, always within VLOS, but I hope that the video quality will improve

On paper, these offer 16 Dbi so they should take my drone much farther and I hope the battery will be the limiting factor.

The Importance of Shutter Speed in Cinematography

As a keen photographer I know all about the shutter speed and it’s importance when taking a still picture. If you want to have a sharp picture make sure it’s high enough on the contrary if you want to convey the movement in a photo you should slower the shutter speed to anything below 1/30 depending on what you are shooting.

In cinematography it plays an important role as well. Naturally we want crispy looking videos, so the logic would dictate that the greater the shutter speed the better.

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Master Airscrew Q-Tip Propellers

Yesterday I received Master Airscrew Propellers. Apart from the premium packaging they look like any other normal propellers and are made from plastic. There were only 2 colours being sold on eBay: green and orange, I opted for orange.


They came with some screws and a tissue! I thought “no, I have to screw them on”. But it turned out that they are not needed. I think the reason for the screws is that they can also be used with other makes of drones where you do need them.

The props are supposed to be perfectly balanced, more efficient and quieter. I can’t check whether they are perfectly balanced, but upon closer look you can see why they might be more efficient and quieter than normal propellers.

They have, what is called in aviation, a Q-Tip – a slight kink at the end of the propeller. This is to control the air spillage over the propeller tip. In theory, it delays the tip vorticies, which cause drag and turbulence. A propeller, like a wing, works best when it has unturbulated air over the airfoil sections. The Q-Tip delays the vortices, the propellers then have smooth air,  making them more efficient and quieter.

As I mentioned before I bought them on eBay for £29.99 and I hope that the reason for such a high price is not only because they are made in the USA.

I didn’t have a chance to test them, the weather over here in the UK is awful, but if what the makers are claiming is true,  I would give the propellers 4/5. One point knocked off for being way too expensive.

May the force be with you!

Phone mount

Another accessory that came through the post is the new phone mount.

As you well know the one that comes with the drone is simply terrible. It shakes, wobbles and doesn’t hold your phone firmly enough, you can’t even sneeze without the phone flying away.

Another issue I have is the positioning of the clip. Why is it on the side? It’s like Tesla Model 3 with the speedo on the centre console.

The one I bought attaches (as the majority of third-party ones I’ve seen) to the centre of the remote control – to the tip that is used for the neck strap. The attachment mechanism is made of metal and is easy to install, especially as it comes with all the screws and tools.

The actual phone holder is made of plastic even though it’s made to look like aluminium. I honestly thought that the whole thing would be made out of metal.

In all other ways, it seems perfect. To test how well the phone is attached to the mount I performed a very scientific test: attached the phone to the remote control using the new mount and threw the controller to my sofa from around 3 metres away. It survived the impact and the phone stayed in the original position.

I give it a score of 4/5 (would have given it a solid 5, if the whole mount was metal), it’s an almost perfect mount, but it would have been better if they made the whole thing from metal without any plastic parts for the sake of durability.

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Phone hood

Another accessory that I bought is the phone hood. It covers the phone from most angles, putting the phone in allowing you to better see the image on the screen.


The hood is made from a leather-like material and is of excellent quality. It snaps on very easily, covers just the right portion of the phone and is easy to adjust.

It seems to be perfect for my Galaxy S7. I would give this product 5/5 as I honestly can’t think of anything they could have done better.

If you want to buy it, either go to Amazon or eBay and search for Pgytech phone hood. It comes in different sizes, I believe 3, mine being the smallest one.

Again I have no association with the makers of the product and have nothing to gain by advertising it.