Alientech Booster – you’ve got mail!

Finally, after almost 2 months from ordering the product I have received it. It got stuck in customs and I had to pay an additional £12 import duty to get it released on top of $269 I paid for the booster itself.

The box contains the booster with the built in antennas, bunch of wires for modifying the controller (which I don’t need as mine is already modified), a set of tools and a battery charger together with 2 x 3.7v batteries.

The initial thoughts on the product are quite mixed. First I have ordered the white version and the plastic that it’s made of looks like it’s dirty. The build quality doesn’t seem to be that great either, as an example the battery lid is very difficult to close and there was some hot glue residue in some places. The design and the layout is quite good and should be convenient to use, plus the booster is much lighter than I expected even with batteries inside.

All of which won’t matter if the product lives or doesn’t live to its expectations. Now, my records with “Cool Making” antennas is just over 3 km in semi-rural area. If I get anything above 5km I will be impressed

The device is essentially 2 x 2.4GHz 4 Watt amplifiers paired with 2 x 7dBi directional antennas.

Hopefully I get to test the device sometime next week. I will post a detailed flight log and map annotated with signal quality plus tons of pictures of the booster and a recording of the video from the controller.

Martin Dalby Way – Flyby Video

Used DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta to edit this video. Have mixed feelings about the software. The editing capabilities are nowhere near that of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, however colour correction and colour grading is out of this world!

What I liked about Resolve 15:

  • The user interface is somewhat less flimsy than in Premier Pro or After Effects. It clearly dictates the work flow you should follow, whereas in Adobe it’s all over the place.
  • Sound editing capabilities
  • Fusion, which is now integrated is extremely powerful. Whether it’s better than After Effects I can’t say since I’m not really an expert.
  • The free version has more than enough functionality unless you’re editing commercially.
  • Colour correction and grading is extremely powerful.

What I didn’t like:

  • Can’t create proxy files
  • Interface for adjusting colour interface is overwhelming, but then again it’s super feature rich.
  • Stabilisation doesn’t work as well as in Adobe
  • Not as many effects in the free version compared to Premiere Pro

Taking into account that the free version is not very limiting it’s an excellent software!

Cool Making antenna – update

So today I tried the new antenna, gosh it is so convenient to use, very small footprint and very light.


Now to the important things. I managed slightly over 3km (remember we have CE over here in the UK) which is my all-time record!

Flight Overview

I could have gone farther but as I predicted the battery let me down. Actually, the winds were also very strong.


I was below the return to home mark few times during the flight, making the flight ever so interesting.

So the final judgement on the antenna: 4/5

Here is the link I bought it from:

Hope it helps!

Mastering DJI Phantom 4 Advanced