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Martin Dalby Way – Flyby Video

Used DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta to edit this video. Have mixed feelings about the software. The editing capabilities are nowhere near that of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, however colour correction and colour grading is out of this world!

What I liked about Resolve 15:

  • The user interface is somewhat less flimsy than in Premier Pro or After Effects. It clearly dictates the work flow you should follow, whereas in Adobe it’s all over the place.
  • Sound editing capabilities
  • Fusion, which is now integrated is extremely powerful. Whether it’s better than After Effects I can’t say since I’m not really an expert.
  • The free version has more than enough functionality unless you’re editing commercially.
  • Colour correction and grading is extremely powerful.

What I didn’t like:

  • Can’t create proxy files
  • Interface for adjusting colour interface is overwhelming, but then again it’s super feature rich.
  • Stabilisation doesn’t work as well as in Adobe
  • Not as many effects in the free version compared to Premiere Pro

Taking into account that the free version is not very limiting it’s an excellent software!

The Importance of Shutter Speed in Cinematography

As a keen photographer I know all about the shutter speed and it’s importance when taking a still picture. If you want to have a sharp picture make sure it’s high enough on the contrary if you want to convey the movement in a photo you should slower the shutter speed to anything below 1/30 depending on what you are shooting.

In cinematography it plays an important role as well. Naturally we want crispy looking videos, so the logic would dictate that the greater the shutter speed the better.

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