Latest Leaked Information on Phantom 4 Pro v2.0


I like those propellers with Q-Tip. I reviewed somewhat similar propellers a while ago, although the Q-Tips were not so pronounced.


Litchi Escape Mission

Say you are flying your drone not too far away from your home and someone comes and insist they will do something bad to your drone when it lands because they are not particularly happy about it.

What you need, in that case, is a Litchi mission that automatically takes your drone to your backgarden and lands.

This is very easy to do in the mission hub: create waypoints navigating to your backgarden, you may also want to include few evasive manoeuvres to descise the location of your home. Then you need to finish the mission with landing the drone. This is done by going to mission settings and selecting land at the end of the mission.

I have tested mine this morning. The drone landed exactly on the spot and turned itself off!

So if someone approaches you in a confrontational manner about your drone, just start your escape mission and go home.

This feature is genius!

Litchi Stops Working After Upgrading Drone

About a week ago I have upgraded from Phantom 3 Standard to Professional. Everything worked perfectly fine: DJI GO app and few others worked straight away with the exception of Litchi!

I’ve been banging my head against the wall until today. Spent days reading forums and literally no one had this problem. I have then tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, deleted the Litchi folder (which remains once you uninstall the software) and installed it again, contacted support (which still hasn’t come back to me).


The solution as it turned out was quite simple. I had to uninstall DJI GO app and Litchi and reinstall them again. And voila Litchi came back to life. Phew, don’t know what I would have been doing without it! No idea why I had to uninstall DJI GO app, but I will surely ask Litchi support.

PS: My Phantom 3 Standard is up for sale.

It comes with carbon fibre props, normal propellers, 3 OEM batteries, propeller guards, gimbal lock, hard shell bag, remote with ARGtek range extender and upgraded phone holder, and obviously a charger. Looking to get £350 for all of this. Which is less than the price of 3 OEM batteries.

Collection only: Central London (around EC4V 3BJ)

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